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Basin Express – The New Investment Center of Istanbul

Basin Express – The New Investment Center of Istanbul

Basin Express – A new phase of a shining future

Like everything in this life, Istanbul real estate market is developing rapidly, and business centers will follow it. The reason for this change is that we see expanding the city and now the centers are really too far for someone who lives in the newly expanded areas.

On the other hand, the old work centers became too old and exhausted.

The Strategic Plan prepared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality predicts Basin Express area as the Central Business and Services Area in Istanbul, moreover, experts pointed out that the most prestigious offices and luxury residences will be taken on Basin Express region in the near future.


Basin Express road has special location. It is in the middle of four important regions: Ataturk airport and Bakırköy at the south, Başakşehir at north, Güneşli/Bahçelievler from east and Küçükçekmece from west. The location allowed the region to gain special extraordinary features and attract the attention of investors to start the new special Istanbul business center.

Real Estate Projects in the Region:

The transformation of the old industrial areas has enabled more than 30 residential projects, dozens of hotels, prestigious A-class office investments in Basin Express region, which enable high standard based projects to come to life. The region, which attracts attention with its proximity to mega projects that will shape the future of Istanbul, is a junction point connecting E-5, TEM and coastal road. Without ignoring its connection to the Northern Marmara Motorway. Basin Express region has become one of the most accessible areas of Istanbul with its metro system investments.

Real estate experts say that the area will have an extreme value soon especially with business offices and residences and for this reason, this region will expose to an unbelievable price increase in the following few years, even now, the region has a very high return on investment (ROI) especially in terms of renting residences which made the region the first choice for foreigners to live and work.

Developing as a Strategic Center:

Time is valuable in Istanbul, and Basin Express road has significant advantages in this sense. In recent years, people have complained about transportation time wasted and they now want to shorten this time by staying in places closer to their business areas and hence residences increased in regions where commercial life is concentrated. İn addition to the elements that support social life, and public and private investments in these areas have also started to increase.



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